Murder At The Juice Joint

Murder at the juice joint mystery party

dames, dolls, dappers…even dicks. Find everything you need here for your roaring murder at the juice joint party!

Murder At The Juice Joint

about the mystery

This murder mystery experience is designed to be easy to run and fun to play for all the guests involved. The game is played with all of your guests having active roles in the game and each guest having objectives to complete. These objectives keep the party from being pre-scripted and allow your guests to draw their own conclusions as to the motives and the identity of the murderer. This format also allows for great mingling amongst your guests and insures that all of your guests feel included. Before the night is through, each guest will have discovered that they have a motive for killing the victim and be inclined to protect their innocence as well as seek out the murderer. To add to the experience and suspense of the night, the murder happens during the party, not before, as in some other murder mystery games. The victim is also allowed to play along after they ‘die’, since they have no clue who murdered them. Murder at The Juice Joint is certain to be a hit with all of your guests.

While this site has everything to help you plan your Murder at The Juice Joint party, you will need to get the materials from our parent company, Night of Mystery. On that site, you will find all of the info you need on running a murder mystery party. This site is designed specifically to help you with party extras (such as decorations & costumes) and ways to enhance your Murder At The Juice Joint party.

Our comprehensive guide provides you a simple list of things you need to do as a host in order the have the party run smoothly. Once the party is going, it’s up to your guests to make the most of it – something you will be surprised at how well they do.

What they said

our testimonials

"I've had three parties over the years. This year will be doing it again! Normal parties have their groups. High school over there, church over there, family over there. Well, with the murder mystery dinner there is none of that. Plus, you're free to not be you for the night. Every party has been a success! Last one we had over 100 people come."
Jeremy McLaughlin
" I hosted my first party and I was scared that if anyone could fail such a flawless package, it would be myself. But this kit makes it so, so easy and fun. Lots of room to make it your own and not cookie cutter, but always super straight forward! I can't wait to host another one!!! Thanks Night of Mystery!"
Elyzabeth Wolfe
"I purchased the Night Of Mystery packet for a work team building event. All of my co-workers said it was the bets team event they've been to. The packet was very straightforward and had so many ideas and tips to help make running the event super simple. Highly recommend! "
Christine Benoit
Looking for inspiration?

Fashion in the 20's

iconic costume ideas

Complete any outfit with a number of pieces that scream 1920s. You can find these around the house or at your local thrift store or check out our costume page for referrals to order them online.

accentuate your juice joint

DECORation inspiration

There are a number of ways to “decorate” for your party, but the most authentic way would be to set up your space to resemble a speakeasy. In order to do this, there are a couple of things to pay attention to. Visit our decor page for ideas, inspiration, and instructions for your one of a kind event.

Imagine This

A night of mystery and intrigue

With the passing of prohibition and organized crime on the rise, The Juice Joint, a swanky speakeasy run by Rosie Marie, has been nothing but jumping. To celebrate its success, Rosie is planning a party to remember at the exclusive nightspot… and you are invited!

However, one of the names on the guest list is also on 
another’s hit list… and no one is safe from the consequences.

With murder on the menu, you are certain to find a medley of individuals to make the night most memorable. From major mobsters and their molls to the swanky singer with her hopes at Hollywood. The cigarette girl with a temper that sizzles to the crooked police chief with nothing to lose—no one is safe from murder…but everyone will have a chance at solving it.

Will the culprit be the Mayor who is capable of murder?
The blacklisted bootlegger desperate to increase their sales?
Or possibly the director with a shot at making history?


All of the information regarding how to run your Murder at The Juice Joint party can be found online at Night of Mystery. We highly suggest that you take time to look over our website and download the Murder at The Juice Joint preview file. Upon reading the introduction file, it will give you a better understanding about how the parties are run and what to expect once you purchase a full mystery file.

If you still have question, the Frequently Asked Questions page at Night of Mystery is a great resource or you can contact us.

Since our games are custom written for the size of the party (ie, we don’t just create a mystery with 8 characters and then keep adding more characters to it), each mystery size is unique unto itself. That being said, going from 10-15 version to 15-20 version, will not only add in more characters, but it will change the storylines of the existing characters, and vice-versa in going from a larger version to a smaller one.

Because of this, WE STRONGLY SUGGEST you get a guest count before formally ordering. 

You can do so by downloading an invitation, inviting your guests and then purchasing your mystery once you have a more accurate number of people attending. Unfortunately, if you find yourself purchasing the wrong sized party, you will have to purchase another version of the mystery for the size you want unless you are moving from the 15-20 version to the 20+ version.
You can download an invitation here before ordering.

Check out some of these movies or t.v. shows set-in the 1920s: Boardwalk Empire (HBO series), Public Enemies, The Cotton Club, The Untouchables, Millers Crossing, Once Upon A Time in America or click here for a whole list.

– Look above on this page in the Costumes, Decorations and Food & Music tabs.

– Be sure to check out our Murder at The Juice Joint Pinterest Board that is filled with ideas for recipes, costumes, decorations, etc.

– All of the *Extras* that come with the mystery!!! (see below for more info!)

Provide an assortment of “Gifts from the Capo” to help your guests “get into character” including: cigars, white scarves, boas, 20’s high fashion beads, headbands & feathers, fedoras, eyelashes, moustaches & sideburns for disguise and water pistols for self defense.

For even more party planning ideas, check out our Murder at The Juice Joint Pinterest Board here. It is s filled with ideas for recipes, costumes, decorations, etc. for the perfect Murder at The Juice Joint party!

Once you order, in your mystery packet you will receive directions and/or printables to make unique and original decorations specific to your party!

Al Capone et al. posing for a photo

Included will be:
– DESIGNED MENU (1 design you can personalize with your menu items)
– POLICE LINE-UP BOARD (1 design you can personalize with your own party date)

Purchase your murder mystery party today!

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