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"For my 30th bday I threw the Murder at the Juice Joint party. We had a blast! The game was so fun! The materials provided were outstanding! By the end of the party, My guests were plotting which game we’d do next ! Thank you for the fun and memories."
-Steph McAllister Downing
"We celebrated my 46th birthday with a Murder Mystery party. I made apples from the 1920's and of course, all my alcohol beverages were from the 1920's (apparently strong drinks, even according to the burly men)! I made all the décor and back-drops for the scenes. There was 1920's music playing in the background all evening. And the poker table was a huge hit with everyone!"
-JC Scudds
"We threw one the the best parties of our lifetimes with your Murder at the Juice Joint kit! The kit was really easy to use and we appreciated all the decorative extra print outs! We also thought that the mystery was really well put together and 2 out of the 20 guests were able to figure out who the killer was, so the mystery was definitely not too easy and also not impossible. A very well done mystery. "
-Taylor Muncaster
"We held a "Murder at the Juice Joint" party last night. It was a blast! The instructions were easy to follow, I was able to host and play without knowing the killer or victim ahead of time. We bought the 8-12 package and it fit our group of 9 perfectly. I loved all the printables, and everyone really got into their characters--sneaking off to plot and bribe each other. Thank you for such a fun evening!"
-Rebecca Wellens
"What a way to create a night to talk about for years to come! I threw my husband his 30th birthday at "The Juice Joint" and it was the perfect way to celevrate with our friends and family. We had a total of 33 people and everything ran beyond smooth thanks to th way Night of Mystery sets it up for you. Every single one of our friends got into character. Even the bar tender and servers at the hall I rented were making guesses! The night was perfect! I highly recommend using Night of Mystery and can't wait to plan my next one!"
-Kelly MaDonald
This was such a fun party to host. I received many compliments on the decor I set up as well as how organized and easy to complete. I can take credit for the decor. I had lots of silver serving dishes for food, backdrops for photo ops (made with plastic table cloths, duct tape, and paper letters), dim lighting for ambiance, signs to create a 20s feel, and ostrich feathers/pearls scattered throughout. I, however, cannot take credit for how smoothly the party went. The downloadable kit was sooo easy to follow and set up for! It made it easy to put together character envelopes and have an idea for timing. I liked that I didn't have to know who the murderer was even though I hosted. The character objectives and speeches were easy for everyone to follow and feel comfortable even though they can't act. Thanks for a successful night! I'm already having friends ask when I will be hosting another.
-Emily Farmer
"Hello, I recently hosted a “Murder at the Juice Joint” party and what a great time. I was so excited to receive my murder package and start picking out what friends would play what characters. As soon as I sent out the invitations my friends began planning their outfits. I started the night by having Rosie, the joint juice owner explain how the night would go and everyone opened their envelopes with the first set of objectives. My decor was roaring 20s, black and gold, I served fruits, veggies, dips and elegant desserts, which were carried around by the cigarette girl. I had a bartender who served drinks, such as the bees knees and used the labels that were provided in the packet, everybody was super impressed by this and enjoyed cocktails while listening to some 1920s music. After the “murder” happened (which all my friends decided to play super dramatic)the second set of objectives were handed out and PI Pinkerton explained how the rest of the evening would go. At the end of the night we listened to everyones guess of who the murderer was and then awards were handed out(these were also provided in the packet). It was a fabulous evening everybody had fun, I hope to have another murder party in the near future. Thank you for supplying such a great evening."
-Kristin Odell

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